• Concorde End of an Era Mike Bannister Signed Limited Edition Print
Concorde End of an Era Mike Bannister Signed Limited Edition Print
Stunning Limited Edition Print Concorde End of a Era 16  x 12 inch size. 
Ending an historic chapter in Aviation History
Only 250 issued signed by Captain Mike Bannister who flew the last flight and Artist Ivan Berryman
Taken from Concorde Original Painting acrylics on canvas By Ivan Berryman Commemorating the final landing in 2003 20 x 16 inch stunning image of the iconic plane. Ending an historic chapter in Aviation History. The final transatlantic flight, ending 27 years of supersonic history, carried 100 celebrities from New York and touched down at 1605 BST. As it did so, a huge cheer went up from the thousands of people gathered by the runway on a specially-built grandstand. Two other Concorde flights had already landed a few minutes earlier, one carrying competition winners on a flight from Edinburgh, and the other completing a trip for invited guests around the Bay of Biscay. Union Jacks All three aircraft taxied to the BA engineering base, the crews hanging out of the cockpit windows and waving Union Jacks to the crowds. Actress Joan Collins, who has flown Concorde about 10 times and was on board the flight from New York, said the end of the era was "tragic". "The first time I ever flew Concorde was a bit of a white knuckle ride. "I am more used to it now, it's so wonderful to make the journey in three and a half hours," she said. British Airways has decided to retire the famous aircraft because it is no longer profitable. 'Sadness and celebration' Concorde's running costs have been spiralling at a time when ticket sales were dwindling in the wake of a catastrophic crash near Paris Charles de Gaulle airport three years ago in which 113 people died. British Airways chief executive officer Rod Eddington said there was a "mixture of sadness and celebration" about the retirement. "It is a wonderful plane, an icon, but its time has come," he said. "It's an old plane - it doesn't look it - but it was designed in the 50s and built in the 60s." The plane, which cost passengers £9,000 a ticket, reached 1,350mph (2,172 kph) and 60,000 feet (18,288 metres) over the Atlantic Ocean during its final flight. BA and Air France, who worked jointly on developing the aircraft, made an announcement on the retirement in April. The French Concorde's final flight was in May

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Concorde End of an Era Mike Bannister Signed Limited Edition Print

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