Terms & Conditions

Authenticity & Lifetime Guarantee.  Chaucer Covers have been dealing in autographs for over 10 years. Every item we source has been individually assessed for authenticity based upon our digital catalogue of previous known examples, our reference library of known autograph examples and in some cases by referring to a small circle of some of the most well-respected experts in the industry.  When you purchase an autographed item from Chaucer Covers, it will come complete with our Certificate of Authenticity which bears a unique code number. This number can be used to track the item and its origins. We buy from some of the world's most respected dealers as well as arranging charity signings and our close association with the world's largest autograph show Autographica. All autographed items come with our lifetime money back assurance.

Customers have the right to cancel the order within seven days of receipt of the goods. If you do cancel your order, you will have your payment returned after the goods have been returned.